Townsville is an original idea that throws every major city landmark/attraction together into a collage that is outlined by the home state. 40 hours will go into completing just one city or state. This includes tons of research on local icons and historic buildings that have a special meaning to the town of choice. Next is using several photos to develop an industrial style sketch of selected landmarks with clean straight lines. The work is complete when a collage of all entities fit together nicely in the outline of the home state. This last stage is obviously the most challenging and time consuming. The result is an attractive but fun representation of the city.  Several color schemes are offered so you can best match decor in your home or office.

About the Artist

About the Art

Josh is a freelance illustrator and stay at home dad living in Milwaukee county with his wife and two sons. He loves traveling and eating pasta. Sometimes he even gets to do both at the same time.